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Quality and Security

JBS Argentina S.A.’s aim is to develop, produce and market meat food that is healthy, safe, and appetizing, that fulfills the expectations of our consumers and clients, using for that purpose methods that avoid polluting the environment.

In order to achieve these objectives we are committed to:

- Training our employees with the goal of developing the necessary abilities to carry out their specific task correctly from the very beginning, and caring about their wellbeing.

- Providing the organization with the appropriate tools for controlling processes to avoid repetitions, re-work, and re-handling that increase the product’s cost.

- Continuously improving the Quality and Productivity to become more competitive, adopting the best techniques available, establishing control mechanisms for processes, and monitoring its effectiveness.

- Promoting working as a team, in order to involve and motivate our personnel in every area of the company to continuously improve our processes and systems.

- Choosing supplies, ingredients, raw materials, and services suppliers that are aligned with our policies.

- Consistently fulfilling the client’s requirements by using their comments to continuously improve and stimulate our employees to develop fruitful relationships with them.

The Quality Policy must be spread and understood by all company employees, applying it to the job each of them carries out.