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JBS Argentina - History

Swift is virtually born with the Argentinean meat-freezing industry. Swift’s activity in our country began in 1907 as a part of “La Plata Cold Storage”, which headquarters were in Cape Town, South Africa, and that built the plant in Puerto La Plata.

It becomes “Compañía Swift de La Plata Sociedad Anónima Frigorífica” and becomes property of International Packers Ltd (ITL), an American group related to the pioneers in the meat industry, Gustavus Swift.

“Rosario” plant is opened along the coast of the Parana River, in the city of Villa Gobernador Galvez, Santa Fé province. This was the beginning of a great development stage for the company, to the point of reaching the 70% of the bovine meat exports market.

1930- 1940
There is a major boost for the meat-freezing industry, especially for meat exports. Swift diversifies the production, covering other areas: ovine, pork, vegetables, fruits, and sub-products.

For the first time in the world, the continuous cookers system is installed for the processing of canned meat, a system developed by Argentinean technicians. This innovation allows Swift to consolidate its presence in the worldwide market and to lead this segment in the local market.

During the 60’s there are investments for the expansion and modernization of plants and equipment that accompany a company productive reorientation, in order to meet the new demands of the external markets. Swift executes the first shipment with chilled boneless meat cuts, substituting the traditional quarters with bone, beginning a new phase in the meat marketing and industrialization.

The first scientific researches laboratory for the food industry begins to operate in South America at Swift La Plata plant.

After the creditors meeting, the company’s bankruptcy is decreed and the national government assumes the company’s administration, avoiding its closure and the loss of many jobs.

The industrial complex is sold through an international public tender and is acquired by an Argentinean group named “Carnes Argentinas”.

The company is named “Swift Armour S.A Argentina”.

Campbell Soup Co., American company, worldwide leader in the soups market, gains the stock control of Swift.

A restructuring and growth process begins, consolidating the production and new investments in Rosario’s plant.

Rosario’s industrial complex is opened.

First Argentinean company in the sector to attain certification under ISO 9002 standards. Pioneer in the adoption of QUACP and HACCP systems.

An investment group lead by the company’s president, Carlos Oliva Funes, and composed by J.P Morgan Capital Corporation and Greenwich Street Capital Partners, acquires the total capital stock.

The concept of IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) frozen cooked meats is developed.

In April 2002, Swift acquires “Cabaña Las Lilas”, leading brand in the high quality vacuum-packed meat cuts in the industry.

In 2005, the centenarian Swift is acquired by JBS S.A. group. Since that acquisition, a growth and expansion process began that included the purchase of productive units, and investments which tripled the slaughter capacity and doubled the hired personnel. In addition to the plants in Villa Gobernador Galvez (Santa Fé) and San José (Entre Ríos), JBS acquires 5 additional plants in Argentina:

November 2006: Venado Tuerto (Santa Fé). December 2006: Pontevedra (Buenos Aires)

January 2007: Berazategui (Buenos Aires). May 2007: Zarate- Industrial Unit for can packaging (Buenos Aires).

February 2008: Colonia Caroya.

In 2009 the construction of a distribution center in the area of Pilar begins.

Opening of the Distribution Center in Pilar.