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At Swift we work to produce safe and reliable food for the whole world.

We are aware of the responsibility that working for a food production company means, and each of us looks for excellence in its own task.
More than 1900 people share daily work, among operators, administrative employees, and professionals.
Within a respectful environment, we endeavor to create a true working community.
The foundations of our company’s success are the adoption, identification, and loyalty of our employees to the values and principles of the company.

At Swift we work with:

Quality: making things right from the very beginning to respond to all of the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Security: respecting regulations and collaborating so others respect them too, with the aim of avoiding accidents and keeping a safe working environment.

Productivity: looking to make the best use of the resources we have to manage: equipment, raw materials, supplies, time.

Responsibility: assuming our job like our own business; performing the instructions received from our superiors and obeying rules of conduct, while contributing with own initiatives and creativity for the continual improvement of the process.

Solidarity: working as a team, sharing concerns and information, and providing and seeking for help.